We now have more than 350 CVA members 


For a very small fee, the membership currently includes 2 newsletters per year, full of village information and updates, regular facebook posts, information about the CVA planned community celebratory events. Along with community initiatives such as planting bulbs and generate support for causes that the CVA committee are supporting and much more.


Membership Fees

The annual fee is £2 for each adult member of the household.

Fee Collect 

The newsletter distribution team will collect the annual membership fees at the same time as making the autumn issue delivery.


 Direct Payment

You can drop off your payment at 19 Catisfield Lane.  Please place this in an envelope  and write your name, address, email and contact number on an envelope.  

We keep all members contacted details saved securely and do not share them with any third party.

We may send you updates and news of up coming events from time to time.